Sponsors and Exhibitors

MAIN SPONSOR – Cargill Cocoa & Chocolate 

Cargill Cocoa and Chocolate

For your business to truly thrive, you need a partner who can both protect and enhance your reputation.

In the sometimes uncertain world of cocoa and chocolate, you need someone to stand alongside you who can help you build meaningful success over the long-term, who can help you thrive. Cargill Cocoa & Chocolate is that partner. We bring you excitement, peace of mind and integrity through focusing our efforts equally on sensory expertise, security and sustainability.

Innovations and excitement
Our professional team has a deep understanding of markets and customers’ businesses. From cutting-edge market intelligence and sensory expertise to ingredient innovations, Cargill Cocoa
& Chocolate’s capabilities help our customers create long-term sustainable value for their businesses. Our deep chocolate knowledge, combined with a broad food experience and dedicated focus on innovation, R&D and technology, mean we provide customers with endless possibilities to innovate.

Know-how and peace of mind
With a team of more than 3,400 passionate cocoa and chocolate experts in 35 locations, connected to over 150,000 Cargill employees around the globe, we provide unique knowledge and proactive services across five continents. Our customers benefit from our bean sourcing and research capabilities in origin countries, including Brazil, Cameroon, Ghana, Côte d’Ivoire, Indonesia and Vietnam. This global presence means we have complete oversight and influence over the supply chain – from cocoa bean to cocoa and chocolate products on the shelf.

Reliability and integrity
As a family owned business, Cargill has always been committed to strong values and long-term sustainability. We closely manage our supply chain – from sourcing the beans at origin right up to the delivery of our high-quality cocoa and chocolate products. But our ambition really comes alive through the Cargill Cocoa Promise. Through our commitment to improve the livelihoods and living standards of cocoa farmers and their communities, we are making a real and lasting difference on the ground. Improved monitoring and evaluation of our impacts mean we can give customers even more of the confidence they need to improve supply chain transparency and show that the products they deliver are helping to improve the lives of cocoa farming communities around the world.

How to get in touch
Because we work so closely with our customers and partners, they can count on us to deliver consistent quality, on time, every time.
For more information about how we can help your business thrive, contact cocoa_chocolate@cargill.com or visit www.cargillcocoachocolate.com

MAIN SPONSOR – The Barry Callebaut Group

The Barry Callebaut Group

The Barry Callebaut Group is the world’s leading manufacturer of high-quality chocolate and cocoa products–from sourcing and processing cocoa beans to producing the finest chocolates, including chocolate fillings, decorations and compounds. The Group runs more than 50 production facilities worldwide and employs a diverse and dedicated global workforce of over 9,300 people.

We consistently deliver a wide range of products—including cocoa powder, liquor and butter, chocolates, The Barry Callebaut Group serves the entire food industry, from industrial food manufacturers to artisanal and professional users of chocolate, such as chocolatiers, pastry chefs, bakers, hotels, restaurants or caterers. The two global brands catering to the specific needs of these Gourmet customers are Callebaut® and Cacao Barry®.
The Barry Callebaut Group is committed to sustainable cocoa production through its “Cocoa Horizons” initiative to help ensure future supplies of cocoa as well as improve farmer livelihoods.

For more information: www.barry-callebaut.com

MAIN SPONSOR – The Almond Board of California (Stand No. 2)

Almonds from California are a natural, wholesome and quality food. The Almond Board of California promotes almonds through its research-based approach to all aspects of marketing, farming and production on behalf of the more than 6,000 almond growers and processors in California, many of whom are multi-generational family operations.

Established in 1950 and based in Modesto, California, the Almond Board of California is a non-profit organization that administers a grower-enacted Federal Marketing Order under the supervision of the United States Department of Agriculture.

For more information on the Almond Board of California or almonds, visit Almonds.com/food-professionals or check out California Almonds on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and the California Almonds blog.


Today GSR can boast a 25-year experience in the cocoa processing industry, a history featured over the years to have expressed the best on the market and to have brought “Made in Italy” all over the world as synonym of quality.

A reality built by engineers and technicians trained to the common aim to create groundbreaking products, technologically reliable and innovative, example of mechanical excellence. The team is working at 360° to answer customers’ necessities; the knowledge of each single member of the staff makes possible the creation of lines which can make the difference, able to shape themselves on the different customer’s needs. Everything comes out of GSR factory, starting from pressing lines to any single accessory, has got behind phases of engineering studied in details thanks to the capability and expertise owned by the whole team working inside the factory. GSR, for more than 20 years, has been continuously increasing the global standards as of productive capacity, quality and innovation of cocoa pressing lines.

Design is a distinguishing factor of GSR products: the whole machine structural design has been meticulously engineered and studied. All-sides rounded surfaces, the layout chosen for the loading groups, piping, on-board machines as well as other innumerable elements are created to grant the utmost hygiene level, to avoid bacterial load and make cleaning and maintenance easier. Engineering and expertise allowed to balance the best solutions to facilitate operators’ work, preserving them from tiring or dangerous positions. Felt rings and filter cloths replacement are easy, fast, and it does not require specific precaution. Optimization in the design has been essential to increase the consumables’ life, to lower spare parts quantity and especially to assure an easy maintenance obtaining the lowest Total Cost Operation. GSR Presses are equipped with a transparent protection assembled on a stainless steel frame preventing the operator from any risk. Safety is at the highest while energy consumption is significantly reduced.


Ferrero has been a leading confectionary-maker for over 70 years.

The Ferrero story began in 1946 with a small factory in the northern Italian town of Alba.

Just 20 years later, the firm opened its first operations in the UK and has been committed to providing our consumers with high brands such as Ferrero Rocher, Tic Tac, Nutella and Kinder Surprise ever since.

Ferrero UK & Ireland is a dynamic, progressive company, fusing modern, innovative approaches with a rich confectionery heritage, whilst staying true to our values as a family-owned business.

ASSOCIATE SPONSOR – L&T Technology Services (Stand No. 8)

L&T Technology Services Limited (LTTS) is a leading global pure play engineering research and development (ER&D) services company, offering design and development solutions throughout the product development value chain across various industries, including Industrial Products, Medical Devices, Transportation, Plant Engineering, and Telecom & Hi-tech.

Partnering with 52 of the Fortune 500 companies and 51 of the world’s top engineering R&D spenders, LTTS offers cutting-edge solutions in the areas of Digital Engineering, Cloud, Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Automation, IoT, Augmented and Virtual Reality, and Cybersecurity. Drawing on over 70 years of rich engineering heritage, LTTS is a publicly listed subsidiary of Larsen & Toubro Limited, the $18 billion Indian conglomerate operating in over 30 countries in technology, engineering, construction, manufacturing, and financial services domains.

Our ER&D services help customers innovate to create new products and solutions, minimize cost of development, reduce time to market, and meet increasing demands of regulatory norms. Some of our engineering milestones include:

  • World’s first motion activated screwdriver
  • World’s smartest office campus near Tel Aviv, Israel
  • World’s first dual screen smartphone
  • World’s first commercial grids network
  • Homegrown electric vehicle prototype embedded with autonomous car technologies

Loesch Verpackungstechnik GmbH (Stand No. 12)

Loesch Verpackungstechnik GmbH is an international manufacturer of packaging machinery and complete systems based in Bavaria in Altendorf. As a subsidiary of the Piepenbrock Group, the company offers integrated solutions for customer-specific packaging systems.

LoeschPack is a technology and innovation leader in packaging machines and complete systems for packaging chocolate, chewing gum, confectionery, dry baked goods, food and non-food products. In this tremendously dynamic industry, LoeschPack has been a byword for the highest quality standards, flexible and economical system solutions and all-around, innovative global service since 1919. LoeschPack establishes the entire spectrum – from semi-automated or simply-automated, entry-level solutions to multi-level, complex system solutions. The cutting-edge production methods and unconditional quality management are the foundation on which its sophisticated, high-tech, economical and high-quality machinery and equipment are built.

Core competence: Chocolate packaging
When it comes to packaging chocolate, LoeschPack offers innovative end-to-end system solutions with its packaging machines and systems. No matter if it’s feeding, distributing, storing, primary, secondary or tertiary packaging, LoeschPack’s products represent reliable system solutions along the entire value chain from an experienced partner.

Core competence: Chewing Gum and Confectionery
LoeschPack is one of the world’s leading suppliers of highly innovative packaging solutions for chewing gum and confectionery. Whatever requirement, LoeschPack continuously strives to develop new standardised and custom system solutions and components. They provide crucial momentum and advantageous product positioning on the market.


> Feeding and Buffering Systems
> Robotic Pick and Place Systems
> Trayloading Systems
> Fold Wrapping Machines
> Roll and Stick Wrapping Machines
> Horizontal Flow Wrapping Machines
> Carton Erecting and Filling Machines
> Complete Packaging Lines

Girrbach Süsswarendekor GmbH (Stand No. 1)

Girrbach Süsswarendekor GmbH

Girrbach is a medium-sized company, located in the Black Forest (Germany).

As a creative German manufacturer, we are specialized in producing and selling decorations as well as inclusions made of chocolate, sugar and marzipan which are delivered in more than 40 countries world-wide.

The second pillar is based on well-known retail products that are distributed in major retailers, grocery stores and discount chains all over the world.

Additionally, the development of customized chocolate decorations is one of our core competences. With 55 years of experience, we established ourselves in the confectionary, cakes, cereals and ice-cream industry.

Our customers from trade and industry know us as a professional and reliable partner. Being in close contact with our customers plays an important role in our daily business.

Our business activities: high-grade product quality abidance by the quality standards: IFS, BRC, RSPO, Organic and UTZ wide and innovative product assortment, creative sales and service team, individual product development.

Visit us at www.girrbach-online.de

Bosch Packaging Technology (Stand No. 5)

Bosch Packaging Technology

The packaging side of chocolate

Chocolate is one of the most widely enjoyed foods in the world. In the recent past, chocolate consumption has grown continuously, affected by trends like need for convenience, safe food and desire for indulgence. In order to support manufactures to respond to these market trends, Bosch Packaging Technology offers a wide portfolio of processing, handling and packaging equipment for the confectionery and chocolate industry.

In today’s competitive market, chocolate manufacturers need packaging that helps them better promote their brands and meet their manufacturing efficiency goals. Therefore, it’s important to operate the right packaging technology to produce the desired packaging look, while maintaining product quality at a constantly high output.
A good example is the company Alfred Ritter GmbH & Co. KG with its successful RITTER SPORT brand. Since 2000, Bosch has been the partner of choice for flexible machinery. The digitally controlled systems have a cantilever construction, enabling quick adaptation of the packaging process to different shapes and seals so that a variety of products can be packaged using just one machine.
Crucial to the acceptance of the Bosch solution was the high degree of system effectiveness. Klaus Hätinger, Head of Production Technology at Ritter, estimates that the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) is around 98 percent which is a direct consequence of the high performance of the individual machines. Hätinger also states: “With this solution, we achieve a high level of availability with minimal investment into spare parts, which prove to be cost-effective when calculated across the individual machines.”
The Head of Production Technology adds: “We are planning to install this solution for additional production lines. It is important to us that the systems are still available in 10 to 15 years so that future solutions can be implemented – effectively, we see no alternative to Bosch.”

For more information, please visit www.boschpackaging.com

Bühler (Stand No. 13)


From bean to bar – Bühler technology and services for the cocoa and chocolate industry.
Bühler is the global market leader in the supply of solutions for cocoa and chocolate processing. With its expertise and over 150 years of experience, Bühler continuously rolls out unique and innovative solutions for its customers, helping them achieve success in the marketplace.

The Chocolate & Cocoa business unit – process solutions that melt on your tongue.

Bühler is a complete product and service provider to the industry and covers every process stage with state-of-the-art production systems. For example, Bühler’s proprietary process NARS (Nibs-Alkalizing-Roasting-Sterilizing) is one of the world’s leading processing technologies for cocoa. With this and other solutions for cocoa production, Bühler provides energy efficient processes with maximum raw material yield and top product quality.
In order to meet specific requirements in chocolate production, Bühler developed the DoMiReCoTM – Dosing-Mixing-Refining-Conching process, which set the standards for quality in commercial chocolate production. However, even the finest chocolate specialty will not attain a level of perfection before it has been moulded. Here, too, Bühler is constantly setting new standards with innovative technology.

In order to address the needs of small and midsize companies, Bühler has added compact solutions to its portfolio, thus enabling smaller companies to benefit from Bühler’s vast process expertise in chocolate production.

This wide range of products is supported by unique knowledge of the entire process chain, so that customers can be provided with tailor-made process solutions – from bean to bar.

Lareka (Stand No. 21)

Lareka chocolate packaging machines and the power of innovation

Lareka Confectionery Equipment is located in Valkenswaard, The Netherlands: in the Brainport region, smartest region of the world. Belgium and Germany are near.

With 23 years of experience in the Confectionery industry, Lareka overhauls second hand chocolate packaging machines. Lareka likes to be challenged by their customers. Innovation is in our genes.
Existing machinery can be taken and giving in a new lease of life!
Lareka has deepened his relationship with customer world wide for the past 23 years.

New machines for Bean to Bar manufacturers.

Next to overhauling Lareka develops new machinery and units to make your machine smarter. One of the recent developments is a new machine specifically aimed for Bean to Bar manufacturers. We received several request from different customers for a simple packaging machine with only little capacity. Used machines are too complex, not flexible and do not fit the current standards for safety and hygiene.

So that’s the reason why Lareka developed BTB20. A reliable machine that wraps chocolate bars at a speed of 20 bars per minute. A low speed single phase wrapping machine that can easily be converted to another size by an operator. The packaging style is traditional and premium. Aluminium foil or any other material with paper in full envelop fold or banderol.

Spare Parts Department.

After supplying equipment, an important tool is support, that’s why Lareka offers support with their Spare Parts department. Spare parts for several second hand chocolate packaging machines.
Lareka is a valuable partner to assist you with all your unique ideas for your chocolate packaging machines. With an experienced and dedicated team we take care of your confectionery.

Rinsch GmbH (Stand No. 15)

Rinsch GmbH stands for solutions and quality made in Germany. The machinery manufacturer based in the heart of Germany close to Dusseldorf specialises in equipment complementary to the main production lines for the chocolate and confectionery industry.

In the last 15 years the company has specialised and established itself in the manufacture of chocolate equipment and has become well known in the industry all over the word. At the core of the product range stands the customised production of machines to melt, hold, mix and transport chocolate, chocolate based products or fillings. The equipment is made of stainless steel with the attention of functionality and hygienic design. Insulation of double walled heated tanks and holding vessels for example has become a standard for efficient heat use and to safe energy.

With “bean to bar” production becoming more and more popular in the last couple of years the demand for smaller and medium scale melting and liquid chocolate holding equipment has increased. On one hand Rinsch offer different options in this product segment from basic melting tanks for cocoa butter and other fats to bigger sized more sophisticated block melter suitable for a range of products including cocoa butter, cocoa mass and chocolate. On the other hand the well-designed chocolate tanks should not be neglected for melting cocoa butter or chocolate pellets. All melting options from Rinsch are a combination of a melter and a holding vessels, depending on your demand this accommodates the use of one piece of kit for two process steps.

Apart from the individual pieces of equipment Rinsch also offers the integration of each part into the production process including pumps and double walled pipework with automatic valve control systems.

Last but not least the all-rounder equipment mobile mass container has to be mentioned as an option for melting smaller quantities of solid product.

Hans Brunner GmbH (Stand No. 6)

In order to offer high quality moulds at reasonable prices we continuously invest in new technologies and in the improvement of existing processes.

Besides our wide range of standard products we are specialized in the production of customized moulds.

For making the moulds, Brunner uses both the injection moulding and THERMOPRESS methods, also in combination for special applications. Both methods have their advantages in different areas, and can so be deployed according to the customer’s individual needs. Brunner offers its customers a unique full service, comprising expert advice at the chocolate design stage, partnership with moulding line manufacturers, in-house production of the very highest technological level and creation of perfect moulds. The customer therefore receives a tailor-made solution.

At the London Chocolate Forum 2017, we focus on semi-industrial and full-industrial moulds for the production of one-shot truffle balls or hollow bodies on spinning machines.
With low tooling costs our BLUEFLEX® System provides the opportunity to produce alternating, seasonal products such as Easter eggs and Christmas products.
For production of one-shot truffle balls with the lowest reject rate, Brunner has optimized the combination of injection moulds and thermopressed moulds.

You find us at the London Chocolate Forum stand 6

TasteTech Ltd (Stand No. 14)

TasteTech – the next generation in flavourings for chocolate

Are you looking for the latest trend setting flavours and combinations?

Over the past 25 years TasteTech have been at the forefront of flavour and ingredient innovation for the food industry. Now we are using all of that experience to create unique flavours for chocolate manufacturers worldwide.

Maybe you require liquid or powder, natural or non-natural flavourings? Or perhaps you are interested in the creative benefits of flavour8, which allows multiple flavours to be used in the same packaging without odour or flavour cross contamination. Each of our flavour formats have been designed to produce exceptional results, whether they are combined or used on their own, giving you the flexibility to get creative.

We will have a range of edible samples on our stand (14), which have been created to demonstrate how multiple flavours and flavour formats can be combined to produce stimulating flavour sensations.

Visit our stand (14) to sample our flavourings for yourself.

Alternatively, to find out more or to request a free sample visit http://www.tastetech.com

Hamburg Dresdner Maschinenfabriken (Stand No. 16)

Having its roots in the merger of Petzholdt-Heidenauer, Bauermeister and MacIntyre, Hamburg Dresdner Maschinenfabriken provides the cocoa and chocolate industry with any technology needed in the value added chain between the receipt of cocoa beans and achieving chocolate masses, compounds or fillings precisely meeting their global customers’ standards.

Thinking out of the box Hamburg Dresdner Maschinenfabriken developed the innovative continuous operating dry conche HCC and the high-performance five-roll refiner HFS 180S which combines the constructive and economic benefits of a 1800 mm machine with the performance of a five-roll refiner having rolls of a length of 2500 mm.

For throughputs lower than those economically justifying the use of a conventional five-roll refiner line, Hamburg Dresdner Maschinenfabriken provides its MacIntyre refiner/conches, a technology that allows to combine the process steps of mixing, refining and conching in one single machine.

Hamburg Dresdner Maschinenfabriken recently introduced an integrated “Artisan Bean to Chocolate Mass Line” for the production of smaller volumes of high quality chocolate. The concept consists of a cocoa bean batch roaster, a winnower and a refiner/conche that can not only be used for the production of cocoa liquor but also to make fine chocolate.

All of these technologies can be tested in the new technology center in Dresden which will be opened in November 2017.

Visit www.h-d-m.com for more information about cocoa processing and chocolate making equipment.


Knighton Foods (Stand No. 19)

Knighton Foods are a leading UK based producer of a wide range of high quality, value adding, functional powdered foods and ingredients for use in the Retail, Out of Home and Ingredients sectors.

From luxurious beverages and calorie-controlled meal replacements to agglomerated starches and spray crystallised chocolates, our unique suite of technologies can help you add real value to your product offering. Whether you are looking for ways to save cost, improve functionality or stretch your existing brands into a different product or market sector, we have the knowledge and experience to enable you to achieve your goals. We fully understand the need to protect and develop your brands and will work with you to create relevant, ‘on message’ innovations to increase consumer penetration and grow that all important Brand Share. With an entrepreneurial spirit of ‘free thinking and fun’, we endeavour to put the customer at the heart of everything we do and deliver a truly exceptional business experience.

Belgosuc NV (Stand No. 15)

Sugar has no secrets for us.

We are one of the market leaders, drawing on more than 25 years’ experience in developing intermediate goods based on naturally selected sugars: from liquid syrups and a full range of sugar pastes to dry specialties. Our extensive range is distributed to the artisanal and industrial food industry in more than 40 countries. Quality is our speciality and it clearly hits the spot.

Our many years’ experience, high-tech production facilities, and constant investment in innovation and product development ensure we can respond flexibly to the wishes of our customers. We constantly work with their interests at heart, examining ways to contribute to a high-quality, sustainable end product.

This always leads us to introduce new products to respond to and anticipate new market trends. We also display flexibility in the way we get our products to customers. Bulk, containers, small packages.

We always work to meet your needs.

M&M Taste of Harmony (Stand No. 22)

Sweet Treats & Event Decor

– Handmade Chocolates
– Handmade Flower Bouquets
– Special Gifts

We specialise in offering you our handmade chocolates, gifts and flower bouquets which are made in the same style; By doing so our products add a harmonious atmosphere to your events, whatever it will be.

All our products are carefully designed, manufactured with meticulous care and synchronised with each other, however, every singe piece gives you a bespoke impression on its own as well.

Our Chocolate selection:

– Bonbons with different and unique flavours
– Chocolates bars
– ‘Winter’ ice cream (consists of a wafer cone with ganache filling in it, with dark chocolate coating being on the flat top of the filling.)
– Chocolate lollipop

We are proud to offer our customers special gifts which don’t just give instant satisfaction, but also hold memories for many years to come.      

ADM Wild (Stand No. 4)



Scoopega Scoops (Stand No. 11)