Hans Brunner GmbH (Stand No. 6)

In order to offer high quality moulds at reasonable prices we continuously invest in new technologies and in the improvement of existing processes.

Besides our wide range of standard products we are specialized in the production of customized moulds.

For making the moulds, Brunner uses both the injection moulding and THERMOPRESS methods, also in combination for special applications. Both methods have their advantages in different areas, and can so be deployed according to the customer’s individual needs. Brunner offers its customers a unique full service, comprising expert advice at the chocolate design stage, partnership with moulding line manufacturers, in-house production of the very highest technological level and creation of perfect moulds. The customer therefore receives a tailor-made solution.

At the London Chocolate Forum 2017, we focus on semi-industrial and full-industrial moulds for the production of one-shot truffle balls or hollow bodies on spinning machines.
With low tooling costs our BLUEFLEX® System provides the opportunity to produce alternating, seasonal products such as Easter eggs and Christmas products.
For production of one-shot truffle balls with the lowest reject rate, Brunner has optimized the combination of injection moulds and thermopressed moulds.

You find us at the London Chocolate Forum stand 6