Cocoa Jones

We want to share the immense pleasure that a beautifully crafted piece of chocolate can bring. To introduce our customers to the wonderful complexity of flavour and character that shines through in the origin and design of cacao.

The UK is slowly pivoting away from mass production towards healthy eating, craft production and ethical sourcing. Coffee, beer and ‘free-from’ food ranges are the most high-profile expressions of this trend. We believe that chocolate is following a similar path, with customers wanting integrity along with quality and taste.

This is why our chocolate is high in cocoa content and has less sugar than mainstream brands. It’s why we use our hands alongside the latest technology to craft bars and bonbons from couverture supplied by award-winning, ethical producers. And it’s why we give 2.5% of our profits to food-related charities.

We use the finest cacao to produce the most luxurious chocolate. This is enhanced with flavours that reflect our heritage, blending diverse tastes such as mango and lime, rose and pistachio, cardamom and lemon.