Luker Chocolate

Luker Chocolate partners with brands and companies around the world who are deeply committed to quality and sustainability, to develop gourmet chocolates and create shared value at origin.

Today, through our B2B business, Luker Chocolate as a chocolate company, reaches more than 40 countries with customers in a wide spectrum of F&B categories including high-end confectionery, bakery, snacking, and beverages. Our portfolio of chocolate ingredients and private label solutions makes the best from the diversity of Colombian fine flavour cocoas while catering to growing trends relevant to today’s conscious consumer.  We meet the needs of the world finest chocolate retail stores.

As a company with strong ties to cocoa-growing communities in Colombia and a firm belief in the power of creating shared value, we started The Chocolate Dream, a unique collaborative sustainability plan with a long-term vision to improve wellbeing in the communities we work with.

A key element of creating shared value at origin is the ability to maintain environmental balance in cocoa-growing communities.

As of 2021, Luker Chocolate is carbon neutral across all owned operations, including its farms. As part of these efforts, Luker achieved a reduction of 52% in refrigerant CO2 emissions from 2020 to 2021, due to modifications made to chocolate production equipment.