GSR Cocoa Machinery is a globally active enterprise known as the “specialist of the cocoa pressing process”. Today the Italian firm can boast a 25-year experience and since 1992, it has globally established its brand in a growing competitive sector thanks to its unique know-how and expertise. A history featured over the years to have expressed the best on the market and to have brought the “Made in Italy” all over the world as a synonym of quality.

The company develops groundbreaking solutions dedicated to an increasingly demanding market and it is the only firm able to offer a full range of presses. Its products’ portfolio is complete of any typology of machines designated for pressing cocoa or oilseed products. Among them, there are lines designed to realize the largest productions, others created to satisfy the needs of small-medium sized manufacturers and many studied properly for those engaged in laboratory tests and trials as well as artisanal sector.

The design is a distinguishing factor of GSR products: the whole machine’s framework has been meticulously studied to obtain high mechanical resistance and to grant the utmost hygiene level.  Engineering and expertise allowed balancing the best solutions to increase the consumables’ life, to lower spare parts quantity and especially to make cleaning and maintenance easier thus obtaining the lowest Total Cost Operation.

GSR makes use of its in-deep expertise in the cocoa processing sector to upgrade, fix and revamp cocoa pressing line not only manufactured by the firm.

Company’s know-how is made available to any customer who needs to repair or re-power cocoa presses making them newly efficient. This cost-efficient solution helps to avoid the replacement minimizing the equipment downtime, increasing so the productive capacity and updating efficiency and competitiveness levels.

A beyond compare assistance is coupled with an efficient spare parts service ensuring that customers can always operate their plant without inefficiencies or stoppages.

An efficient and accurate customers’ service is reached by assuring reliable delivery times, competitive prices, clear and precise answers as well as one to one support.

GSR is an Italian reality built by People: engineers and technicians trained to the common aim to create groundbreaking products, technologically reliable and innovative. Press(es) that are examples of mechanical excellence, able to generate absolute Power, a value our customers can get thanks to high and long-lasting performances.