Lareka (Stand No. 21)

Lareka chocolate packaging machines and the power of innovation

Lareka Confectionery Equipment is located in Valkenswaard, The Netherlands: in the Brainport region, smartest region of the world. Belgium and Germany are near.

With 23 years of experience in the Confectionery industry, Lareka overhauls second hand chocolate packaging machines. Lareka likes to be challenged by their customers. Innovation is in our genes.
Existing machinery can be taken and giving in a new lease of life!
Lareka has deepened his relationship with customer world wide for the past 23 years.

New machines for Bean to Bar manufacturers.

Next to overhauling Lareka develops new machinery and units to make your machine smarter. One of the recent developments is a new machine specifically aimed for Bean to Bar manufacturers. We received several request from different customers for a simple packaging machine with only little capacity. Used machines are too complex, not flexible and do not fit the current standards for safety and hygiene.

So that’s the reason why Lareka developed BTB20. A reliable machine that wraps chocolate bars at a speed of 20 bars per minute. A low speed single phase wrapping machine that can easily be converted to another size by an operator. The packaging style is traditional and premium. Aluminium foil or any other material with paper in full envelop fold or banderol.

Spare Parts Department.

After supplying equipment, an important tool is support, that’s why Lareka offers support with their Spare Parts department. Spare parts for several second hand chocolate packaging machines.
Lareka is a valuable partner to assist you with all your unique ideas for your chocolate packaging machines. With an experienced and dedicated team we take care of your confectionery.