M&M Taste Of Harmony

M&M Taste of Harmony (Stand No. 22)

Sweet Treats & Event Decor

– Handmade Chocolates
– Handmade Flower Bouquets
– Special Gifts

We specialise in offering you our handmade chocolates, gifts and flower bouquets which are made in the same style; By doing so our products add a harmonious atmosphere to your events, whatever it will be.

All our products are carefully designed, manufactured with meticulous care and synchronised with each other, however, every singe piece gives you a bespoke impression on its own as well.

Our Chocolate selection:

– Bonbons with different and unique flavours
– Chocolates bars
– ‘Winter’ ice cream (consists of a wafer cone with ganache filling in it, with dark chocolate coating being on the flat top of the filling.)
– Chocolate lollipop

We are proud to offer our customers special gifts which don’t just give instant satisfaction, but also hold memories for many years to come.