MacIntyre Chocolate Systems (Stand No. 16)

MacIntyre Chocolate Systems are based in Arbroath, Scotland and owned by The Probat group, having just celebrated their 150 years in business. MacIntyre was purchased by The Probat Group in 2013 and are a supplier worldwide.

MacIntyre Chocolate Systems are at the forefront of Refiner/Conche technology providing their ‘All in one’ solution which mixes, refines and conches all ingredients into a smooth chocolate, compound, crème or paste. Capable of producing particle size as low as 15 microns, the Refiner/Conche incorporates specially developed refining materials for long grinding life, repeatable quality and great flavour.

The multiple uses for the MacIntyre Refiner/Conche give the flexibility for small batch production. The Refiner/Conche is used increasingly for producing sugar free and dairy free chocolates, where temperature control is critical.  It is a good solution for producing lower fat / viscous masses with the shear attachment, down to 24% fat content requiring less cocoa butter in the process.  Most recipes do not require a lecithin addition at early stages allowing efficient refining and removal of moisture.

MacIntyre has expanded the capability of the Refiner/Conche’s PLC software to include

multi step programming. A product specific ‘recipes’ can be stored on the PLC allowing the correct set of process parameters for a given product to be selected with a single touch of the screen. A comprehensive suite of control and monitoring functions including maintenance alerts, energy monitoring, storing and download of actual run data is available which is vital for production traceability. Water is accurately controlled utilising a dual probe system. While a ‘non contact’ transducer is used to monitor system pressure, creating a virtual pressure scale viewable on the machine’s control panel.