Rinsch GmbH (Stand No. 17)

Rinsch GmbH stands for solutions and quality made in Germany. The machinery manufacturer based in the heart of Germany close to Dusseldorf specialises in equipment complementary to the main production lines for the chocolate and confectionery industry.

In the last 15 years the company has specialised and established itself in the manufacture of chocolate equipment and has become well known in the industry all over the word. At the core of the product range stands the customised production of machines to melt, hold, mix and transport chocolate, chocolate based products or fillings. The equipment is made of stainless steel with the attention of functionality and hygienic design. Insulation of double walled heated tanks and holding vessels for example has become a standard for efficient heat use and to safe energy.

With “bean to bar” production becoming more and more popular in the last couple of years the demand for smaller and medium scale melting and liquid chocolate holding equipment has increased. On one hand Rinsch offer different options in this product segment from basic melting tanks for cocoa butter and other fats to bigger sized more sophisticated block melter suitable for a range of products including cocoa butter, cocoa mass and chocolate. On the other hand the well-designed chocolate tanks should not be neglected for melting cocoa butter or chocolate pellets. All melting options from Rinsch are a combination of a melter and a holding vessels, depending on your demand this accommodates the use of one piece of kit for two process steps.

Apart from the individual pieces of equipment Rinsch also offers the integration of each part into the production process including pumps and double walled pipework with automatic valve control systems.

Last but not least the all-rounder equipment mobile mass container has to be mentioned as an option for melting smaller quantities of solid product.