Scoopega Scoops

Scoopega Scoops 

Created in September 2017 after five years of incubation by a former Londoner of French nationality and Ivorian origin, Gnagne Ange-laurent, SCOOPEGA is a booming co-operative of almost one thousand cocoa farmers based in Ivory Coast.

SCOOPEGA offers a unique access to the cocoa farming world and its finest treasure, the beans that are harvested with care and love in the harshness of the African climate.     

The co-operative grows, collects, buys and delivers high grade cocoa beans to local exporters and some international clients which rely on its expertise to ensure their cocoa sourcing in thousands of metric tons.  

That is why, SCOOPEGA is deeply grateful to the decisive contribution of its Farmers, its highly competent and trustworthy Staff, its Board and all its Partners working to its growth sometimes in challenging conditions.

Human development and welfare, cocoa sustainability and environmental issues, traceability and quality service are at the heart of the company policy which understands the importance of such notions in the chocolate industry.

So join us in the mission for the chocolate industry sustainability.