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Stand No 1


Plamil are the original vegan company, having its roots in the start of the vegan movement. Nowadays Plamil has been described as the hub of vegan chocolate, supplying retail and manufacturers with a range of certified, dairy, gluten and no nut chocolate.


The company have recently launched Cocoabites. Produced with 100% renewable energy, the new treats are available in plastic-free glass jars, said to be the greenest, most environmentally friendly packaging possible, and also refillable, reusable and recyclable.


Cocoabites are available in three delicious varieties. Vegan Milky Smooth Cocoabites are a new generation of vegan milk chocolate, delicate chunks that have an exceptionally smooth texture. Vegan White Cocoabites are chunks of delicious white cocoa with a wonderfully smooth rounded finish, and Vegan Dark Chocolate Cocoabites have an exquisitely high cocoa content of 67%, which make them wonderfully smooth with the sweetness coming from unrefined coconut blossom sugar.


Cocoabites are available in 1kg refill packs. Like all Plamil products, Cocoabites are vegan as well as being wheat and gluten free and are made to the highest no nut and no peanut standards.


Lubeca Marzipan

Stand No 2


Lübecker Marzipan is a protected geographical indication from the EU which applies only to marzipan produced in the Lübeck area and must not exceed 54% sugar. The company’s product range has gradually been expanded in order to meet the demands of the B2B sector.


Today’s assortment of semi-finished products includes marzipan almond pastes, nougat praline pastes, chocolate couvertures as well as ABCs such as chopped almonds and hazelnuts. Lubeca products are supplied to a wide range of customers from handicraft businesses to large factories in over 50 countries worldwide.


Lubeca’s marzipan production process starts with the careful selection, blanching and skinning of the almonds before adding sugar and crushing the mixture together to provide uniform particle size. The paste is then roasted in open copper vessels, reducing the moisture in the mass and giving an intense roasting aroma. The result of this traditional method is Lubeca’s signature flavour and mouthfeel – quite delicious!


James Passmore of Banquet Chocolates, the UK agent for Lubeca has been working with Annabel De Vetten, an incredibly talented food artist, who has appeared on TV’s Wonderful World of Chocolate. You may notice one of Annabel’s creations in the exhibition area – it’s a glorious chocolate truffle cake.


In return for a piece of this wonderful cake Lubeca would like you to donate to Cancer Research UK. There will be a donation bucket next to the cake, or if you prefer James has set up a just giving page at fundraise.cancerresearchuk.org/page/chocolate-forum-afternoon-cake or scan the QR code!


Ritter Sport Chocolate UK Ltd

Stand No 3


Ritter Sport has been a leading chocolate brand for over 100 years.

With a relentless focus on product quality and innovation Ritter Sport is now sold in 103 countries worldwide. Loved by consumers for their huge variety of flavours and iconic square shape, the brand has come a long way since it was originally founded in 1912 by Alfred Eugen Ritter and Clara Ritter in Stuttgart, Germany.

What has however remained the same is its rich heritage and family-owned values and culture, one of the many reasons some 1,500 people choose to work there today.

Significant growth

The UK and Ireland affiliate was set up in 2014 and has from humble beginnings grown significantly ahead of the market each year.

The range includes everything from top selling Marzipan to traditional Milk Whole Hazelnut to the latest addition to the portfolio ‘Cocoa Selection’, consisting of three high cocoa content dark chocolate products which includes a variant from their very own cocoa plantation in Nicaragua. Set up in 2012 the plantation is wholly owned by Ritter Sport and ensures complete transparency throughout the supply chain. They are proud to be one of the first chocolate brands to work this way.

A wave of positivity

2019 is set to be Ritter Sport’s most exciting year yet as they launch their inaugural marketing campaign and set off on a mission to inspire positive lives for all. Benedict Daniels, MD of UK and IRE is one of this year’s key speakers, set to tell the story about their journey to use the brand as a vessel for creating a wave of positivity across the UK and Ireland.



Stand No 4


For more than a century, the people of Archer Daniels Midland Company have transformed crops into products that serve the vital needs of a growing world.

Today, ADM are one of the world’s largest agricultural processors and food ingredient providers, with approximately 40,000 employees serving customers in nearly 200 countries.

With a global value chain that includes approximately 450 crop procurement locations, more than 330 food and feed ingredient manufacturing facilities, 62 innovation centers, the company is a key name at this year’s LCF.

In this ever-evolving food culture, ADM is at-the-ready with the most on-trend, expansive and ever-expanding portfolio of flavourful, colourful, functional, nutritious and whole-food ingredients and the know-how to work with its customers to meet the needs of their brands, applications and target consumers.

The right ingredients

ADM match your idea to the right ingredients – helping food developers and entrepreneurs get to market faster great-tasting, nutritious foods that consumers prefer.

From natural, to organic, clean or clear label, ADM has the market knowledge, ingredients and ability to help customers navigate the new dynamic marketplace. The company’s offering includes:

Sweetening Solutions: ADM’s portfolio of sweetening solutions includes singular sweetening ingredients, blends and complete sweetening systems. From fruit-based sweetening solutions to dry sweeteners to no- and low-sugar and reduced-calorie options, its wide range of ingredients for sweetening will meet your varying needs, including flavour intensity, viscosity, glycemic response, particle size and price.

Flavours: ADM flavour creation professionals help create and deliver flavours that delight consumers and meet your business objectives. ADM don’t just drop-in flavour. ADM’s chefs, designers, flavourists and food scientists factor-in how every formula change impacts other product characteristics, and also collaborate with your in-house product development teams for customised solutions that work for your business.

Colors from NatureTM: ADM also offers an extensive and innovative line of Colors from NatureTM with its unparalleled access to botanical sources – including fruit and vegetable foodstuffs – and its proprietary natural extraction technologies. This collection, combined with ADM’s understanding of how consumers connect colour and taste, allows you to stay ahead of current trends in an increasingly competitive market with more natural, organic and clean-label colour choices.

Of course, these are only a few examples of the company’s unparalleled portfolio of ingredients designed to work together and to deliver the taste, function, nutrition and labelling your consumers prefer – while meeting the needs for cost and quality – all from a single supplier.


Find out more at at wildflavors.com and adm.com

Bosch Packaging Technology

Stand No 5


Bosch Packaging Technology is one of the leading suppliers of process and packaging technology. At over 30 locations in more than 15 countries worldwide, a highly-qualified workforce develops and produces complete solutions for food, confectionery and pharmaceutical industries. Bosch Packaging Technology’s extensive product portfolio for the food and confectionery industry consists of processing, filling and dosing, primary, secondary and tertiary packaging from entry-level machines to complete systems.


These solutions are complemented by a comprehensive after-sales service portfolio. A global service and sales network provide customers with local points of contact. The customer service portfolio ranges from spare parts, modernisations and service technicians that increase availability to complete plant efficiency audits and Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) enhancing services.


More and more consumers are replacing traditional meals with snacks, such as health and nutrition bars, or they indulge in delicious chocolate treats. On-the-go snacking has become an integral part of everyday life. And yet, consumers are still asking for more: more flavours, smaller portion packs, multi-packs, re-closable packs and environmentally friendly packaging material. The possibilities are endless – and so are the challenges for manufacturers.

Bosch Packaging Technology offers a broad portfolio of system solutions to meet production requirements – from product distribution to end-of-line packaging.


Gentle handling and hygienic system design are matched with clever change-over concepts and unparalleled format flexibility. All systems are engineered with the operator in mind. Tool-less parts and belt changes help operators to perform their daily duties. Bosch’s machines share based on a common operating architecture and the HMI is developed in line with latest UX principles.

Hans Brunner

Stand No 6


In order to offer high quality moulds at reasonable prices Hans Brunner continuously invest in new technologies and in the improvement of existing processes. Besides the company’s wide range of standard products, Brunner are specialised in the production of customised moulds.


For making the moulds, Brunner uses both the injection moulding and THERMOPRESS methods, also in combination for special applications. Both methods have their advantages in different areas and can so be deployed according to the customer’s individual needs. Brunner offers its customers a unique full service, comprising expert advice at the chocolate design stage, partnership with moulding line manufacturers, in-house production of the very highest technological level and creation of perfect moulds. The customer therefore receives a tailor-made solution.


At the London Chocolate Forum 2019, Brunner focus on semi-industrial and full-industrial moulds for the production of one-shot truffle balls or hollow bodies on spinning machines. With low tooling costs, their BLUEFLEX® System provides the opportunity to produce alternating, seasonal products such as Easter eggs and Christmas products. For production of one-shot truffle balls with the lowest reject rate, Brunner has optimised the combination of injection moulds and thermopressed moulds.




Stand No 7


Kennedy’s Confection magazine is a market leading print magazine for the manufacturing of confectionery and related products and Kennedy’s Bakery Production, another market leading monthly title for the production of industrial bakery products. The leaders in publishing also offer: bespoke digital newsletter, free online classified advertising and editorial partnerships with key industry suppliers online looking for 24-hour exposure right into the heart of the confectionery and bakery industries across the world.


As the organisers of the London Chocolate Forum – Kennedy’s are proud of how the event has blossomed into the largest conference in the world for the chocolate manufacturing industry. Be sure to come and say hello to us at the event, check us out on our Confectionery and Bakery websites and social media platforms and subscribe to our issues. We are very excited to host this year’s event once again, which is due to be bigger and better than ever!

Lareka Machines BV

Stand No 8


Lareka Confectionery Equipment is located in Valkenswaard, the Netherlands, in the Brainport region; Europe’s leading innovative top technology region. As a result, Lareka is always on top of the latest technological developments and can benefit from the quality distribution channels within this region. 


Lareka has been ‘taking care of confectionery’ for over 25 years. The knowledge and experience their team have gained make Lareka able to do it all: development of new machines, size conversions and overhaul second-hand packaging machines.


Following requests for a simple packaging machine with a smaller-capacity, Lareka developed a new line of chocolate packaging machinery. Their ‘low volume, high mix’ machines are a perfect fit for specialised chocolatiers working with crafted, origin and/or personalised chocolate.


With their versatility and fast size conversion, these machines are the premium packaging solutions for bean to bar – and artisan chocolatiers who love to express their passion for chocolate through a diversified product portfolio; from small personalised tablets to large chocolate bars.


The BTB25 (for 20-250g bars) is particularly suitable for production volumes ranging from 6,000 to 100,000 bars per month. It wraps 25 bars a minute. With additional format sets, the machine can be used for any size of chocolate bar. Size conversions take no longer than 15 to 20 minutes.


If you produce lots of small artisanal bars up to 3,500,000 bars a year – wrap your chocolate with the help of the NP60 (for 5-25g bars), the BTB25’s little brother. The NP60 is grand with small things. Because they have reduced the size range, they have been able to increase the speed to 60 bars a minute. Do you want to personalise a small series for a special event – a birthday, perhaps? The NP60 is full of surprises. 



NDC Technologies

Stand No 9


NDC Technologies is a leading global provider of precision measurement and control solutions for manufacturing processes. Their products and technologies help customers to improve product quality and performance, advance core manufacturing processes, reduce downtime and waste, and shorten time to market.


NDC’s solutions enable manufacturers to measure a wide range of constituents and dimensional properties such as moisture, oil/fat, thickness, coating weight, diameter, ovality, and length and speed, to name a few. Their Industry 4.0 instrumentation and productivity-enhancing process analytics software help customers and partners realise bottom-line results in leading manufacturing industries.


The testing of fat and moisture is time critical and particularly important during the various processing stages of turning cocoa beans into chocolate products to ensure optimal operating efficiency, yield and product quality. Through its work with the industry, NDC has developed a whole suite of fat and moisture measurements for its on-line and at-line instruments, ideal for chocolate and cocoa bean processing within the confectionery industry.




DT&G Limited Finn

Stand No 10


DT&G Limited Finn is looking to the future, focussing on equipment design and delivering solutions to confectioners. Finn Chocolate Coating and Polishing machines produce dragee type confectionery, taking the best of traditional design and engineering, and incorporating it into modern production.

DT&G Limited Finn apply ThermoDrive by Intralox, a continuous belt, onto their equipment. These machines are very efficient, perfect for the production of small and delicate items along with the traditional centres, and range in capacity from 54kgs to 500kgs.


The recently introduced Finn Microcoater is a table top machine with a 5-7kg capacity for development work or to assist the small producer. The equipment offers ease of operation and uses less labour than traditional pans to produce quality products. With minimum down time, this equipment is easy clean and offers allergen and bacterial control optimisation.


Data download availability assists in efficiency, production and automated production; integration into Industry 4.0 is a special project. Experience a continued return on investment, with machines in production for more than 30 years. And client satisfaction is the most important part of the business, not only from the equipment but from the support offered from date of purchase for the whole of the life of the equipment.



Stand No 11


Caotech supply worldwide turn-key projects to the cocoa, chocolate, compound, ice-cream and bakery industry. Located in Wormerveer, the Netherlands (next to Amsterdam and close to the world leading cocoa processing factories) Caotech were founded in 1997, and the range includes continuous beater blade mills for the pre-grinding of cocoa nibs and/or hazelnuts; continuous ball mills for the fine grinding of cocoa liquor; continuous and batch wise ball mill systems for the fine grinding of chocolate and chocolate related products; storage tanks and mixers for cocoa liquor, chocolate and chocolate related products; and pumps for the cocoa and chocolate industry.


Caotech also supply complete cocoa processing plants, in cooperation with their partners specialised in cocoa bean/nib roasting, winnowing, cocoa liquor pressing, etc. The cocoa liquor and cocoa butter cooling/blocking off is done in-house. For the processing of chocolate and compound they offer batch machines in several sizes and continuous processing lines.


Having recently invested in a state-of-the-art test facility, Caotech can conduct trials for their customers and prospects. Installed are a CAO B5 laboratory ball mill refiner and a CWC 5 chocolate conche, both with a batch capacity of 5kg.

They can analyse the finished product made on their machines with different kind of laboratory equipment, or analyse products received from customers. Equipment used are a microscope, viscosity meter, micrometer and a Sympatec particle distribution analyser (using laser diffraction). The test facility manager can advise further process information to customers and prospects, so an efficient (production) machine can be chosen.

Loesch Verpackungs

Stand No 12


System manufacturer Loesch Verpackungstechnik is celebrating its centenary this year. For the confectionery packaging specialist, Loesch will be displaying both historical and modern packaging machines.


“Retrofitting a historical packaging machine is all part of the training at Loesch,” says Dr. Thomas Cord, CEO of Loesch Verpackungstechnik. “It gives our trainees a chance to understand the complex mechanics of such a machine. At the same time, they both learn something about our company’s tradition and develop their own innovative ideas with an eye to the future.


The basic principles of packaging chocolate are the same today as they were a few decades ago. A range of improvements, however, now ensure that modern machines pack the products much faster, more effectively, and with less manpower. Nevertheless, even their latest models still use a main shaft, which is now electronic, to control almost all motion sequences in the machine, thereby ensuring consistently reliable quality.”


Following various events and festivities, the anniversary year will culminate in May 2020 at interpack, where the company will be proclaiming “the start of a new era.” The focus then will be on the future of the company and the expansion of its position as an innovator and market leader.


“You need to know your history before you can change the future,” added Olaf Piepenbrock, Managing Partner of the eponymous Loesch parent company. “To remain successful, we are set to continue investing in the development of our three key areas: chocolate, chewing gum and confectionery, and cereals.”


Loesch Verpackungstechnik’s product range includes complete packaging lines, feeding and buffering systems, horizontal flow wrapping machines, fold wrapping machines, coiling machines, hermetic sealing systems, trayloading systems, and cartoning and erecting machines.


Stand No 13

SoPure is a brand of wholesome and functional, mostly organic food products from Netherlands-based Les Chevaliers B.V. The company simply seek to help people live a healthier lifestyle; anywhere, at any time.


SoPure products contain only the purest and finest ingredients they can possibly find. The company offer affordable food products that are made in accordance with the latest research findings in the field of wholesome nutrition; this is how they offer the purest and tastiest snacks.


SoPure Vegan Chocolate Tablets (100g): Made with rice syrup instead of milk but still creamy and delicious! In the same range are tasty flavour combinations of high cocoa percentage Fairtrade chocolate with nuts, fruits and even Earl Grey tea.


SoPure Chocolate Bites: Chocolate bites in handy and re-closable cups-to-go. Salty chocolate caramel pretzels, dark chocolate crunchy bites, fruity bites in lemon and blueberry, all organic and Fairtrade. A high cocoa percentage means less sugar!


SoPure Veggie & Fruit Bars: The surprising combination of fruit and vegetables makes the new SoPure Veggie & Fruit Bars the ultimate responsible snack. They are 100% natural and rich in fibre. SoPure Veggie & Fruit Bars are available in apple-carrot-orange, strawberry-rhubarb and beetroot-blackcurrant flavours.


SoPure RAW Chocolate: The introduction of SoPure RAW Chocolate marks the return to how chocolate was prepared centuries ago, with its original pure and intense flavour, that preserves its beneficial qualities and ingredients. Chocolate, grown by small organic farmers in Ecuador, free of pesticides, insecticides, synthetic flavourings or other artificial additives. Chocolate as it once was intended.



Stand No 14


The Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) was established in 2010 as an independent Research and Technology Organisation (RTO) with the objective of bridging the gap between academia and industry – with a vision to inspire Great British manufacturing on the global stage. MTC provide integrated manufacturing system solutions for customers large and small, across diverse sectors including food and drink.


The MTC is at the London Chocolate Forum, together with the Satellite Applications Catapult, to showcase the progress and vision for the COLCO (COLombian Cocoa control system). The COLCO aims to optimise cacao (cocoa) production and consistency of quality in Colombia.


Colombia, a potentially significant producer of fine cocoa, wishes to foster agro-sustainability and socioeconomic equality, particularly for growers. Cocoa requires a clear strategy for production, quality assurance and monitoring for traceability. A successful project implies growth potential, revitalising post-conflict regions.


Cacao production suffers from significant losses due to pests and disease, highly variable fermentation and drying processes, and subjective quality assessment at trade points. COLCO looks to address these challenges through the introduction of technology interventions. These will improve the yields and the consistency of quality for cacao farmers to ultimately improve their socio-economic welfare.


Examples of these interventions include humidity and temperature sensors for the fermentation and drying process, crop health monitoring data, and objective bean quality analysis. COLCO aims to provide cacao farmers with the ability to lock in better deals with buyers, by using a unified platform which allows for bean-to-bar traceability.



MacIntyre Chocolate

Stand No 16

Being part of the global Probat Group, Hamburg Dresdner Machinenfabriken GmbH unites the cocoa processing and chocolate manufacturing technologies of the companies Probat, Bauermeister Zerkleinerungstechnik GmbH, Petzholdt-Heidenauer and MacIntyre Chocolate Systems.


From its home in Dresden, the cradle of industrial chocolate manufacturing in Germany, the company is an internationally renowned manufacturer of machines and complete plants for cocoa processing as well as manufacturing of chocolate mass with a unique variety of technologies.

Within 1000m2 the world’s most modern Technical Centre for cocoa processing and chocolate production is available to customers and research institutions for product development and testing. It is unique in that the entire manufacturing process from the cocoa bean to the chocolate mass can be simulated in one location with scaleable lab equipment according to standard industrial processes.


For the production of chocolate masses, this state-of-the art pilot plant is equipped with a mixer, pre-refiner, five-roll refiner as well as a vertical single-shaft conche and a horizontal double-shaft conche and soon will be completed by a continuous conche. Alternatively, the chocolate mass can also be produced on an all-in-one refiner/conche of the Scottish sister company MacIntyre Chocolate Systems.


See the benefits of HDM’s outstanding processing equipment like the HFS 180S, 1800mm five-roll refiner with up to 1,400kg/h @ 20micron with highest throughput ever achieved with a 1800mm refiner, or the vertical PVS conche for special premium chocolates with the most compact design and best cleanability you can find in the world.


Besides the industrial scale, Hamburg Dresdner Maschinenfabriken also offers equipment and lines for artisanal chocolate manufacturers from bean to chocolate.

Barry Callebaut

Stand No 17

The Barry Callebaut Group runs about 60 production facilities worldwide, employs more than 11,500 people and serves the entire food industry, from industrial food manufacturers to artisanal and professional users of chocolate.

In 2016 we launched Forever Chocolate, our plan to make sustainable chocolate the norm by 2025. By committing to have 500,000 cocoa farmers out of poverty, eradicating child labour from our supply chain, becoming carbon and forest positive and by having 100% sustainable ingredients in all of our products, we will bring systemic change to the cocoa and chocolate value chain. We report progress annually.

Tangible impact

In the first two years of Forever Chocolate, our focus has been on developing and testing our approach, and identifying elements which create self-sustaining cocoa farming communities. To achieve this we developed and are rolling out five programs for change:

  • development and gathering of farmer data providing detailed location, agronomic, economic and social survey data on cocoa farms in our supply chain.
  • establishment of five pilot projects in five key cocoa growing countries; Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana, Cameroon, Brazil and Indonesia.
  • enabling access to a farm services business to improve the productivity and diversity of cocoa farms.
  • calculation of our carbon footprint to understand our biggest carbon impact and track our progress in shifting our supply chain to a carbon positive trajectory through reduction and offsetting.
  • scaling of our Cocoa Horizons program as the preferred vehicle to reach our sustainability targets, by driving impact.

Our latest progress report, covering fiscal year 2018/19, shows that through the implementation of our programs for change we are creating tangible impact on the ground. We are improving the livelihoods of cocoa farming communities, reforesting with cocoa seedlings and shade trees, reducing our carbon footprint and increasing the uptake of sustainable chocolate.

Sustainability efforts

Our efforts were recognised in the annual Sustainalytics assessment, the leading independent verification of companies’ sustainability efforts. In its 2019 assessment of 178 packaged food companies on the management of environmental, social and governance risks in supply chains, Forever Chocolate, was considered the #1 sustainability strategy in the packaged foods industry.

While we continue our work to monitor progress on all our activities, we have commenced the next phase, translating data insights into impact. Through understanding the structural sustainability challenges, we can define the solutions required.

100% traceability

Understanding where farms are located, allows us to assess if there is a risk of sourcing from a protected forest area. Farmer mapping was an integral part of the Cocoa and Forests Initiative Frameworks for action. We have mapped all the cocoa farms in our direct supply chain in Cote d’Ivoire and Ghana, meaning we have 100% traceability for the cocoa volumes in our direct supply chain in the world’s two largest cocoa producing countries. Census data also enables us to better understand community risk factors and needs.

Since we commit to 100% sustainable chocolate by 2025, we apply a similar data driven approach for all other ingredients.


Find out more at forever-chocolate.barry-callebaut.com, twitter.com/BCgroupnews, and facebook.com/BarryCallebautGroup