Taste Tech

TasteTech Ltd (Stand No. 14)

TasteTech – the next generation in flavourings for chocolate

Are you looking for the latest trend setting flavours and combinations?

Over the past 25 years TasteTech have been at the forefront of flavour and ingredient innovation for the food industry. Now we are using all of that experience to create unique flavours for chocolate manufacturers worldwide.

Maybe you require liquid or powder, natural or non-natural flavourings? Or perhaps you are interested in the creative benefits of flavour8, which allows multiple flavours to be used in the same packaging without odour or flavour cross contamination. Each of our flavour formats have been designed to produce exceptional results, whether they are combined or used on their own, giving you the flexibility to get creative.

We will have a range of edible samples on our stand (14), which have been created to demonstrate how multiple flavours and flavour formats can be combined to produce stimulating flavour sensations.

Visit our stand (14) to sample our flavourings for yourself.

Alternatively, to find out more or to request a free sample visit http://www.tastetech.com